Art Abuse art abuse

Art Abuse

I am sick and tired; sick and tired of the abuse of the word “art” and all its inherent implications.

Someone with a camera takes a picture, puts it on the internet, and they are an artist.

Someone with a brush and a tube of paint smears the paint onto a canvas and they are making art as an artist.  Art abuse.

Making art is a precious commodity or at least it should be viewed this way.

Making art to me is a privilege afforded to me by the muse, by the inspiration that has been gifted me by whatever powers have chosen me.

Today’s “artists” are offensive to my creative sensibilities. Art Abuse.

I am sorry but there is nothing but spontaneous garbage being created by anyone who thinks that are making art.

I know if and as you read this you will never understand what I am saying.

I know that you are incapable of understanding this because of your limited sensibilities and your cultural influences. Art Abuse.

Too bad.

I feel sorry for all the uninformed and unaware who will never know the joy and wonder and pure exhilaration a real artist feels at the moment of creation.

Art Abuse is rampant in a culture and society that has no idea as to the power and influence the making of real art can have on influencing ideas.

Where is Vision? Where is Power? Where is Understanding? Where is Sensitivity to the forces and powers of our universe?

I feel sorry for you and your illusion.