Art Expert Statements

JBLombardo Artist 1970-Present Day

Testimonials About John’s Work

“John Lombardo has a unique talent for visionary statement. Lombardo’s work is decades ahead of its time of creation. The relevance of the work will be appreciated as the continuum of life continues to evolve. His work is visually stimulating, colorful, and entertaining, and speaks through the spirit to the soul. Simply, the work will emerge and instruct when it is needed.”

Julien Levy

“John Lombardo is a real artist, that is, he is an authentic apostle of his own innate sense of humanity. His powerful vision creates work that symbolizes a courageous assessment of everyday life that contains the power of the statement: an art form that will survive the culture in which it was created.”

James Harithas

“John Lombardo’s art is his life. In that sense, the creation of his art is timeless and carries with it a deep sense of antiquity that is fused with the pulse beat of the time, space, and identity of each individual viewing and viewer. In short, Lombardo’s work exudes a part of us all. You cannot help but be changed when you see it. It becomes a part of you.”

Scanlon Morehead

“The images of the actual works in this book were created over a 37 year span. Media are oil on canvas and board, acrylic on canvas and board, oil on plaster (fresco), digital painting and drawing, and mixed media sculptural/painting events. The sizes of the works vary for 10ft.x 15 ft. oil on canvas, to digital work measured in pixels.”

John B Lombardo