Five Spirits Still Here

Quotes From The Masters “I never cared about the money. All I ever wanted was to be recognized and known for contributing something of value to the human race.” John B Lombardo "Nothing is ever truly lost. The universe wastes nothing. Everything is simply transformed." Keanu Reeves as Klatu “Every day the bucket goes to the well, one day the bottom must drop out.” Bob Marley ”Don’t ever forget: Karma needs to be balanced. Good gets balanced by bad just like bad gets balanced by good. “ Jesse James “In trying to meditate all meditation ceases. In trying to do anything, anything ceases. There is effort and no effort.” Lao Chen Su “My body slips into a meditative state without my knowledge or awareness. My mind goes with it. It is powerful instinct. The minute I become aware of it, it goes away. You cannot consciously meditate. Meditation happens by itself. Meditation is a mind of its own with a life of its own. It owns the owner. There is no choice.” Juengjm “Visiting the collective unconscious is terrifying. You find truths there that are not otherwise accessible to the normal mind of consciousness. Venture into it only if you are prepared to handle it. Only fools go where they are not prepared to go.” Carl Jung “Photographs are great for creating memories. But why take so many pictures of what is already there? Art is about creating something from the nothing, about making unseen energy tangible to our human sensibility.” Pablo Picasso “We live in a world of morons and madmen. Nothing that has been written or created before this moment can be of any help to any of us. To believe it can be of help is illusion. We are in uncharted territory of space and mind. Insanity would be an improvement.” Ching Wei-Sun “Human dignity is dead. Mankind is doomed. As we move through un-mapped space and absolute time, our perceptual reality becomes more warped. Our minds become twisted by the fabric of our new expanding space. Relative time becomes distorted as UN-consciousness is set free. There is no blueprint for this current dimension. We are subject to its parameters, laws, rules, and chaos, and drowning in the spatial density of our current reality. More to the point, we do not even know it is happening to us.” Albert Einstein “Living or being in the unconscious is a difficult hard thing to do. The unconscious opens your entire being up to some pretty scary things. It has to be true that our cells are linked to our state of consciousness be it conscious or unconscious; and this state of of consciousness is definitely energy, abstraction and intangibility.You have to belong in this state to live in this state. Kind of like New Jersey.The shift from everyday normal reality to the realm of the unconscious takes its toll on the nervous system. It is an entirely different level of being, Once you enter this realm, the nervous system, the nerve synapse, becomes subject to a whole different and abnormal set of quantum rules and regulations.”