After all these years I still believe and feel that everything I have done here is done for a reason. I still believe that there is great art to be made and that the old masters lived and created for a reason.

I still believe, in all sincerity and humility, that there is a special something, a reason, a spiritual synapse, a flow, a power, that lives in all of us and that makes things happen the way they are supposed to happen. I still believe that we are all a part of that reason, that something special, and that we just need to discover that little crack in our self-imposed realities to set us free, to give us entry to that special place.

Now more than ever we need to discover our true sense of humanity. Our origins. That is why I am here. It is not a noble goal or purpose, it is just the way it is. It is what I do, what I love to do, what I am meant to do.

John Lombardo believes. He believes in himself as he relates to all other beings, reality and existence. He believes that our life form is unique, that all life forms are unique and that we exist for just a short time. He understands the positive as well as the negative, and understands that both are necessary as a balance for our survival. He believes in his innate and instinctual ability to translate ideas, space, time, spirit, soul, and being into reality in the form of his art.

All I ever wanted to do with my art, my sole purpose for creating and making the images that I make, is to help people who view my art along their roads to a better life, to somehow make their lives a little better.

I could have quit a million times already, because I know that it all in the end may not mean anything. Yet I persist in my task described and exhibited on this website. This work is my love, my life and my passion. I hope I have gained the insight to let it through to all I meet, to help us along is some small way. To make things better.

In the face of this (our) mass insanity, this vision, the current of energy has kept me alive. It gives me peace of mind and strength of spirit. It is intuitive reason and happens mostly by itself. Keeps me in touch with my origins.

It is a catastrophe that believing in anything is a dying human endeavor. Mankind (us and what is kind about man anymore) is so concerned about following its moronic and stupid pursuits that it us we have lost any propensity to feel our true sense of being alive, our true sense of humanity. We cannot come out from under the shroud of our own egotistical self-involvement long enough to have a look at our own light as it shines in the glistening stillness of any single moment.

I am an animal of creative instinct. I am just a humble conduit, a pipeline for that which must come forward on its own terms. Origins. That which has a life force of its own. That which comes forth when it wants to, and moves the spirit in me to create. It is not by chance, it is by the inherent force of creation. It is here that the true nature of the creative process resides.

Art images digital paintings created by John B Lombardo Artist over a span of over 45 years, works that are timeless in their origins, works of the collective unconscious, works that conjure a direct link to our archetypal links to a timeless mind, spirit, and soul of forever, energy filled colorful images made from the intention of pure spiritual inspiration. Heartfelt renderings from the place of creation.

John B Lombardo Artist exhibits limitless strength, courage, perseverance, and resources tapped from the spirit and soul, inherent to his vision, while creating a visual record of the ever changing landscape of the evolution of the human being, creating works that mirror the matter of mind the origins that are inherent in all of creation. The images are born in the unconscious collective and will live and flourish there long after we are all gone.

You will see what you see. If you view the same works ten years from now, you will see something totally different. A note or chord will sound at the very core of your being. Your origins. Your soul, your spirit will resonate with the ever changing vibrations of creation and the creation of your reality. The currents of space and time as we each experience them will fine tune your being to enable you to live a fuller and more productive life. Your heart will become open to the limitless possibilities of your existence.

Art Images linked to the spirit, food for the soul. High energy art creations that mirror your dreams, your reality, the soul of eternity, the elusive matter of consciousness made visible. Visionary art that mirrors what this artist sees on a real level. Planes of transcendent reality.

Art can teach and inspire you to believe in yourself on deeper and more profound levels.

John Lombardo, over a span of over 45 years, created and still creates visionary art that mirrors and translates the spirit, and soul of forever, energy filled colorful images made from the intention of pure spiritual inspiration. Art that truly changes as with changing currents of our existence itself!

Gain insight into the true artistic process linked to the core of creation.

Insight that links us to that place we have all come from and that place to which we will return. Our origins in our reality. You see, none of this really matters anyway. We are but an illusion visible in the time that has passed us by; it is our sense of importance that give us our dream, the place in which we live. Sorting the dream from the reality is the hard part, when the reality is inherently part of the dream.

There is eternal, an eternal. If you want to see glimpses of what lies elsewhere in the eternity of being, take a look at the art work in this website. In a sense, these images, paintings, works of art are reflections of the intangible substance called mind, in the collective sense. These images convey the collective synapse, the collective dream if you will, the power of soul and spirit, your soul and spirit, your dreams, made visible. Your origins. In this sense these images show imagery like a mirror of the timeless essence of energy of all that is and all that will ever be. It is our essence, our bond with the universe made visible. I am in this sense a purveyor of our collective unconscious as we relate to our existence here where we are.

Art is art is art is not art. High art is high art, fine art is fine art, and real art is real art. Art should instruct us on some level and carry us into another dimension of what we are, take us to the core of our beings. Real art has substance and created from the stuff from which we came, in a universal and total and cosmic sense.

Self Portrait 1003
Warrior King