Quantum Symbols-A Quantum Leap In Artistic Integrity & Art Process


My name is John B Lombardo.

I have been creating images since 1970. Beginning with a mixture of Oil and Acrylic paints, pen and ink, watercolors, oils only, acrylics only, progressing into digital media using Fractal Painter, which has evolved into Painter 2021, since the 1980’s.

The images included here exhibit a continuation of the painterly style that I established when I first touched brush and paint in 1970. I have adapted that style to digital media.

Simply, energy flows through me as it flows through all of us. During the creative process, energy is captured and translated into imagery, some of which are presented in this small collection.

I call the works snapshots because they appear quickly, as finished products, like pictures or photographs. The composition happens, then the works appear like pictures from a camera.

The entire process is totally spontaneous. The energy comes from where it comes from. It guides the process of creation.

After 50 years I am still excited every time I sit down at my computer to create another image, as the spirit guides me, so to speak. To see the newness of what appears before me during the creative experience.

My artistic journey has been one of discovery. I work with an open heart and an open mind and follow the energy and the process whenever it chooses to present itself to me. This artistic process has kept me, my spirit, and my soul alive.

I have been and continue to be an extremely lucky and fortunate human being.

I invite you to take part in this journey by viewing these “Snapshots From Forever”. I use the word forever because these images came from the realm of forever. They came from the world of random energy and took on a form unique to their own existence.

I encourage you to give them your own interpretation. As a matter of fact, that is what they are all about. Many individuals who own my paintings and images tell me years later that they see something different every time they happen to look at the image.

Welcome To The Dream
Welcome To The Dream
The Dream Begins
The Dream Begins
Insanity Machine

I Do The Best I Can.

The Rest Is Up To You!

Image Slideshows from 2017-2021

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