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Visionary Art Quantum Buffalo (Image Above)

Visionary Art Creative Art Images And Writings That Teach And Inspire Passion And Feeling-Modern Art Visions Of Forever

What I see, what I render in art works, are anomalies, incongruities in space and time, in the space time continuum; visions of other spaces, other places, brought forth by aberrations, abnormalities, fluctuations in energy, that lead to pathways not previously known.

What I experience and what I render in art works is the music, the musical rhythms of the universe, the vibration of creation.

Real Art is the archaeology of the collective unconscious mind. Making real art is uncovering the imagery that resides within the places in our collective being, the merging of our consciousness in its entirety with the substance of the universe.

Real art is moving around particles, then through the process of recognition of the strangeness, letting these particles become an image.

The artist truly becomes a conduit through which glimpses of eternity become pieces of our visual reality, manifested in our senses.

Real artists throughout the history of mankind are “miners of the substance of all there is.” This is the truth of creation and the creative process.

I could have quit a million times already, because I know that it all in the end may not mean anything. Yet I persist in my task described and exhibited on this website. This work is my love, my life and my passion. I hope I have gained the insight to let it through to all I meet, to help us along is some small way. To make things better.

Art can teach and inspire you to believe in yourself on deeper and more profound levels.

I am an animal of creative instinct. I am just a humble conduit, a pipeline for that which must come forward on its own terms. That which has a life force of its own. That which comes forth when it wants to, and moves the spirit in me to create. It is not by chance, it is by the inherent force of creation. It is here that the true nature of the creative process resides.

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