If you got this far I guess you are interested in art in some way, shape or form.

As someone who has been making images for over 50 years, I may know a little about the artistic process. By process I mean the way art is made and emerges from each of us as individual artists.

And I have managed to keep my images new and fresh over time.

At the beginning I used oil paint, acrylic paint, charcoal, watercolors, and just about anything I could find that would leave a mark or imprint on a piece of flat or textured material, like canvas, canvas board, paper, primed hardwood or plywood, anything that had a surface.

After many many years my health started to suffer as a result of repeated contact with paint and its inherent materials.

But I still had this tremendous force inside me that had to be released. The power and force could only come forth through image making. Via color and texure.

Over the years I developed a style. I found an understanding as to how new images, or pictures are formed within my mind, and how to get them out into the real world. While this is a simple explanation of the artistic process, It is still the way making picture of image happens.

I needed a way to make this force real. Art became the way I understood the world and the universe, and my place within it.

Since I could not use oil or any type of physical paint because of health problems, I found a computer program, way back at the beginning of when they started making computers. The program was called Fractal Painter. It came on floppy disks sent to me inside a paint can. When I opened the can, I smelled the smell of oil paint. I knew something good was going to happen.

I still use Painter in its 2020 form, as it has evolved over these many years. What is more important is that over the years the artistic process and style I found at the very beginning of my career as a painter has been able to adapt to the software; i.e. I have adapted my vision and style to the computer software.