Advice From Michael J. Lombardo

On the day my father Michael J. Lombardo would have been 100 years old, I am compelled to share some information.

Due to circumstances and combination of bad luck and illness, I never had much meaningful interaction with my Dad. It was nobody’s fault. It was just the way things happened.

But I do have a few good memories.

He told me from his sick bed one day as I was off somewhere on my travels and daily doings, to “always be honest and always tell the truth.”

These words and that short moment with him resonate in my hears and at times replay in my memory.

I hate liars, dishonesty, and those who lie and cheat intentionally and with blatant forethought. There is no bending of the truth. There is only the perception of any given event in reality, or a twisted perverted falsified version manufactured by twisted minds for purely selfish motives.

It’s not easy to tell the truth and practice honesty as a way of life. While I do not claim to be a saint, I do, however, know when to keep my mouth shut, and when to tell the truth as it relates to any given event in which I may have participated.

Fessing up and accepting the reality of events can be painful, and really hard to accept. But in the short term and in the long run, accepting the truth about anything is more beneficial to your soul and totality of personal well-being than you can imagine.

I trust my perceptions as they relate to feelings, and as they relate to the response of my heart and emotions. I know when something is right and when it is not. It is an in born trait, or instinct, that I have been fortunate to possess for close to 70 years.

I have travelled many wrong roads along the way, because I did not listen to what I was feeling as these feeling related to reality; and I have paid the consequences for going in the wrong direction. It takes a while to refocus your compass, and get back to the right direction.

You just have to listen and to pay attention.

Thanks Dad, I am eternally grateful!