What Is Your Struggle?

Mine is from the inside in response to my reality: a lifelong struggle between good and evil.

Both exist side by side hand in hand.

My images and writings from the past 50 plus years are my response to our collective struggle with good in response to evil, and evil in response to good.

The struggle is simultaneous and lives a life of its own within is all. It is a constant condition.

Most of us choose to ignore the pathos of our inherent condition and just go with our impulses, no matter who we may hurt or destroy or damage along the way.

I deal with the struggle. I make it visible in imagery and tangible via sound.

I really have nor have ever had any choice in the matter. It is the life I have been given. It is the reason that I am here.

It is not my intention to judge. Rather I just try to relate my response in terms of line, shape, color, form, and vibration.

How can you open yourself to the world around you?